Download Now – “Paranormal Investigations with Grimstone Inc.”

This is the audio recording of the 09/22 meet-up with paranormal investigator, Chris Bailey, of Grimstone Inc..  The topic for the get-together was for skeptics to get a better understanding of paranormal investigations; and the distinction between how Grimstone does them versus how typical ghost hunting groups do them.  And Chris was gracious enough to respond to our members about our skepticism of paranormal phenomena. For more information about Grimstone Inc., please visit

Meet-Up (09/22) – Paranormal Investigations with Grimstone Inc.

The Ann Arbor Science & Skeptics are having a meet-up on Saturday, September 22th from 5:00 to 8:00pm at the Colonial Lanes/Cubs A.C. restaurant. As usual, we’ll be in the back room located down the short hallway past the bar.

Our special guest will be Chris Bailey, of the paranormal investigation group called Grimstone Inc.  Chris was a guest back in August of 2011.  He can appreciate the skepticism that most of us share about the existence of paranormal phenomena and will be ready to hear our reservations.  I urge you to explore the website, especially the Press Release section for information about the group and past investigations.

Chris is a physical scientist by trade, and has been interested in the paranormal ever since he was a child.  You can listen to my interview of him here on Critical Wit podcast.

The first part of the event will be for general socializing and ordering refreshments. After which, there will be some announcements, and then we’ll start the informal Q & A at approximately 5:45pm.


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Interview with Amberrose Hammond of “Michigan’s Otherside”

‘Michigan’s Otherside’ is a website devoted to lore and stories of “the strange and unusual” in Michigan.

Amberrose Hammond is the creator of and spoke with me for a short interview about it.

Originally, tailored to the paranormal, she has now broadened the scope of the website to include legends, mysteries, and other unusual phenomena of Michigan.


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