Download Now – “James Randi Q and A”

This is the audio recording of the 04/28 meet-up with James Randi.  The topic of the discussion was about skeptical activism.  We also talked a bit about Randi’s forthcoming book, A Magician in the Laboratory, and then we had a Q & A with the audience.


Note about the audio: Unfortunately, my digital audio recorder captured James Randi’s audio level at a much higher amount than the VU meter suggested.  I didn’t realize his audio was clipping.  Therefore Randi’s audio level sounds over-modulated and distorted.  I did the best to smooth it out, but my recommendation would be to listen to this with your speakers turned down.  In the meanwhile, I’ll see if I can get this in the hands of someone who can use the appropriate filters, EQ, and other effects to improve this conversation.  And I’ll replace this file with a better one at that time.

Meet-Up (04/28) – “Q & A with James Randi”

James RandiThe Ann Arbor Science & Skeptics are having a meet-up on Saturday, April 28th from 4:00 to 6:00pm at SRT Solutions.  We’ll be located in the conference room. Our special guest will be James Randi!

Via video skype, Randi will be available for about a half hour to talk about skeptical activism and answer your questions.

There will be pizza, soda and water, and a raffle for some James Randi-autographed books.  There will be a $5 suggested donation, which will cover food and beverages as well as help support our Scientists Fair in May.  There will be limited seating of about 40 people, so please RSVP early, and update your RSVP as needed.

SRT SolutionsSRT Solutions is located on the corner of 5th and Washington in downtown Ann Arbor. Entrance is on 5th Avenue, take elevator to the second floor and into the conference room.


You can RSVP here.