The Darwin Week Challenge #4

Quick Plug: The newest episode of Critical Wit features a short interview with Molecular Biologist and Science Communicator, Sean B. Carroll.  We talk about Charles Darwin. The focus of the conversation is on aspects to Darwin that may not be fully understood or appreciated.

Now on to today’s game!

This is the fourth installment of the Darwin Week Challenge!  For guidelines and scoring system, please see Monday’s post – Challenge #1.

(Remember – only one guess per person)

For the fourth challenge, solve this puzzle.

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The Darwin Week Challenge #1

As a build-up to the Michigan Skeptics Darwin Day party on Saturday, we’re celebrating Darwin Week on our website.  Starting today and through Friday, there will be a series of posts with games, puzzles, riddles, etc.  The first person to provide a correct answer in the comments gets two points. Everyone else that answers correctly gets one point.  At the end of the week, we’ll tally up the points the high scorer(s) will win a prize that’s relevant to our April meet-up.

(*) If your comments don’t show up right away, don’t worry. It’s being held for admin approval.  They will still be queued in chronological order.

Rule: Only one guess per person

For our first post, we’ll start off with something simple.

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We Celebrate Darwin Week Tomorrow!

Since Darwin Day falls on Sunday February 12th, technically that pushes the start of Darwin Week out another week.  However, since our Darwin Day celebration is coming up this Saturday, we’re going to start a week early!  (by the way, if you want to come out and you’ve not RSVP’d, you can do it here on our website or on our Meet-Up page).

So as a build-up to Darwin Day, we will have a week-long activity featuring daily posts consisting of some sort of Darwin-related puzzle or game, in which you can attempt to answer, and earn points.  At the end of the week, the top scorer(s) will be eligible for a prize that will be relevant to our April meet-up.

So if you’ve not book-marked, subscribed, or added our website to your RSS Feed, then the time to do so is now.  Each game will be posted randomly between 6:00 am and 12:00 pm.

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