Snake Vs. Dinosaur: A Public Exhibit

On Sunday, February 16th, the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History will be opening up its new exhibit “Snake vs. Dinosaur: Caught in the Act” featuring a depiction of a large prehistoric snake caught in the act of preying on a baby dinosaur hatchling.  A touchable cast of the fossil slab will reveal the evidence that scientists studied to interpret the event.  The snake’s skull and vertebrae are visible, along with two spherical unhatched eggs.

This exhibit is part of an overall theme about Predators.  Throughout the month of February, there will be Hands-On Demonstrations featuring Owls: Birds of Prey.  Hands-On Demonstrations are on Saturdays at 11 am and 3 pm; Sundays at 3 pm.  And on March 22, the museum will have a special Discovery Day devoted to Predators and Prey.