Meet-Up (10/26) – “Stem Cells and Cancer Research”

Eugene ManleyThe Ann Arbor Science & Skeptics is having a meet-up on Saturday, September 21st from 4:00 to 7:00pm at the Colonial Lanes/Cubs A.C. restaurant. We’ll be in the back room located down the short hallway past the bar.

Our special guest will be Dr. Eugene Manley, an engineer and biologist focusing on the intersection of biology and orthopedics. Dr. Manley will talk about his PhD work in which he analyzed cancer stem cells in lung cancer, as well as his current research on locating genes that control bone size as a potential target for preventing fracture risk later in life.

The first part of the event will be for general socializing and ordering refreshments. After which, there will be some announcements, and then we will start the conversation at approximately 4:30.

Please RSVP here or on our Meetup Page.

There is no fee for admission but donations to cover the guest speakers’ meal and beverages, as well as group expenses are welcome.

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