Download Now – Shaneen Braswell “Extraterrestrial Life Detection Research”

This is the audio recording of the 07/21 meetup with Shaneen Braswell.  The topic for the get-together was about the science of searching for extraterrestrial life.

In this casual group conversation, Shaneen provided many examples of experimentation, protocols, and technological advances in astrobiology research.

Mentioned in the podcast was a reference to some astrobiology books that Shaneen recommends.  Here is that list:

  • The Search for Life on Other Planets. Bruce Jakosky. (AADL)
  • The New Worlds  – Extrasolar Planets. Fabienne Casoli and Thérèse Encrenaz. (AADL)
  • Life in Space: Astrobiology for Everyone. Lucas John Mix. (AADL)
  • How to Find a Habitable Planet. James Kasting. (University of Michigan Alumnus) (Amazon) (Soon to be in paperback)
  • The Planet Mars: A History of Observation and Discovery. William Sheehan (Amazon)
  • Mars: The Living Planet. Barry DiGregorio. (Amazon)
  • What is Life?: With Mind and Matter and Autobiographical Sketches. Erwin Schrodinger. (Amazon)
  • Talking about Life: Conversations on Astrobiology. Chris Impey. (Amazon)
  • Destination Mars: New Explorations of the Red Planet. Rod Pyle. (Amazon)