University of Michigan: Science News Round-Up

Here’s a round-up of stories involving new science research at the University of Michigan:

Energy-recycling computer technology from University of Michigan goes global through semiconductor firm AMD

An energy-recycling computer circuit born at the University of Michigan will enable a new generation of power efficient laptop PCs and servers.

Global semiconductor vendor Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) announced today at the 2012 International Solid-State Circuits Conference in San Francisco that the company’s forthcoming 64-bit processor core, dubbed “Piledriver,” incorporates a technology invented by a Michigan Engineering computer science professor and his graduate students….click here to read more

Pregnant primates miscarry when a new male enters the group

Pregnant female geladas show an unusually high rate of miscarriage the day after the dominant male in their group is replaced by a new male, a new University of Michigan study indicates.

The “Bruce effect” – in which pregnant females spontaneously miscarry after being exposed to an unfamiliar male – has been found repeatedly in laboratory rodents. However, no conclusive evidence for this effect had ever been demonstrated in a wild population prior to this study. Geladas are Old World monkeys that are close relatives of baboons….click here to read more


* and click here to listen to the audio from our meet-up that discussed this topic

When continents collide: A new twist to a 50 million-year-old tale

Fifty million years ago, India slammed into Eurasia, a collision that gave rise to the tallest landforms on the planet, the Himalaya Mountains and the Tibetan Plateau.

India and Eurasia continue to converge today, though at an ever-slowing pace. University of Michigan geomorphologist and geophysicist Marin Clark wanted to know when this motion will end and why. She conducted a study that led to surprising findings that could add a new wrinkle to the well-established theory of plate tectonics – the dominant, unifying theory of geology….click here to read more

Other Headlines:

Heart-powered pacemaker could one day eliminate battery-replacement surgery

U-M biologists find potential drug that speeds cellular recycling