REVIEW: Ask the Podcast Doctor

I know that with over a billion podcasts to choose from, and only a few spare hours a week to listen to them, the last thing you need is a podcast recommendation.

However, the good news is that the podcast that I’m recommending to you is only a weekly 5 to 7 minute podcast, and the ‘even better news’ is that I don’t think you need to listen to every episode.

Ask The Podcast Doctor is a short, weekly podcast in which the host, Dr. David Stutz of the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Michigan, answers listener questions about health and medicine by interviewing experts at the University of Michigan.  Each episode consists of one question, to which a detailed discussion is provided.  And the quality of the production is quite good.

I’ve been a subscriber to the Ask The Podcast Doctor podcast for several weeks now.  I’ve listened to about 20+ episodes.  If you are a podcast listener and have an interest in health and medicine, I think it’s worth subscribing to this podcast for several reasons.

  1. Some episodes touch upon topics that are sometimes brought up in the skeptic circles, such as vaccines, chronic fatigue syndrome, and whether cracking your knuckles is bad for you.
  2. It might be useful to scan the list of back-episodes in order to see if there are any topics about health and medicine that would be useful to you or to someone you know.
  3. Support local science communicators.  Podcast producers can track how many episode downloads or listens (off the website), and that kind of information can be encouraging.

Certain episodes that I particularly enjoyed were the ones about hearing the sound of your heart beating in your ears, the involuntary eye twitch, and reducing cravings of carbs and sugar.  You can subscribe to the podcast by visiting the website, or search for it in podcast directories, such as iTunes.