Interview with Amberrose Hammond of “Michigan’s Otherside”

‘Michigan’s Otherside’ is a website devoted to lore and stories of “the strange and unusual” in Michigan.

Amberrose Hammond is the creator of and spoke with me for a short interview about it.

Originally, tailored to the paranormal, she has now broadened the scope of the website to include legends, mysteries, and other unusual phenomena of Michigan.


Amberrose told me in the interview that she originally was an enthusiastic believer in the paranormal, but has now become more of a skeptic.  However, she still enjoys hearing about people’s experiences – and accumulates them on the website.

The website is a work in progress, but I recommend it to those who find legends and stories about Michigan to be interesting.  And you can subscribe to her blog at  I found the posts (1) (2) about ‘Victorian Mourning Photography’ to be morbidly fascinating.

Amberrose Hammond is also the author of:



Ghosts and Legends of Michigan’s West Coast




Wicked Ottawa County, Michigan.


Notes: In this interview, we reference Chris Bailey, head of Grimstone Incorporated, a Michigan-based paranormal investigative group, and former Ann Arbor Science & Skeptics meet-up guest.  For more information about Chris and Grimstone, please check out the interview with him on Episode 4 of ‘Critical Wit’.