Download Now – “James Randi Q and A”

This is the audio recording of the 04/28 meet-up with James Randi.  The topic of the discussion was about skeptical activism.  We also talked a bit about Randi’s forthcoming book, A Magician in the Laboratory, and then we had a Q & A with the audience.


Note about the audio: Unfortunately, my digital audio recorder captured James Randi’s audio level at a much higher amount than the VU meter suggested.  I didn’t realize his audio was clipping.  Therefore Randi’s audio level sounds over-modulated and distorted.  I did the best to smooth it out, but my recommendation would be to listen to this with your speakers turned down.  In the meanwhile, I’ll see if I can get this in the hands of someone who can use the appropriate filters, EQ, and other effects to improve this conversation.  And I’ll replace this file with a better one at that time.