Download Now – Miles Kimball “Economics & Skepticism: Overview, Misconceptions, & Biases”

This is the audio recording of the 08/18 meet-up with Miles Kimball.  The topic for the get-together was to understand certain issues in economics, such as trade deficits, the role of the Federal Reserve, Walmart, subsidies, and Miles’s novel idea for a stimulus measure – federal lines of credit to the people.

Miles blogs at Confessions of a Supply-Side Liberal at and you can follow him on twitter at @mileskimball.

In this group conversation, we cover a range of topics. Therefore, I’ve provided a list of these topics and the approximate time during the recording that they come up: (on being a supply-side liberal and the concerns with too many regulations and government-mandated certifications at 3:00), (on Walmart at 33:20), (on immigration as a moral and financial value at 46:10), (on subsidies at 55:30), (on trade, deficits, and retirement savings at 1:05:00), (on trade deficit with China at 1:28:00), (on wealthy people who save money at 1:31:00), (on ethical finance at at 1:38:00), (on the stimulus, role of the federal reserve, and Miles’s government’s extending lines of credit idea at 1:44:00), (on doing experiments and testing economic theories at 2:01:00).