The Darwin Week Challenge #2

This is the second installment of the Darwin Week Challenge!  For guidelines and scoring system, please see Monday’s post – Challenge #1.

(Remember – only one guess per person)

Now onto our second challenge.

Unscramble the following word pairs that consist of a modern animal and an ancestor from which it may have evolved.  You only have to answer three of the following five animal pairs.

  • eatuspcik & eawlh
  • itycmharoureh & rheos
  • rlilvaeea & gorf
  • omaihurhhtppes & aeplneth
  • rmtgaiuheem & losht

The answers will be revealed later tonight!

2 thoughts on “The Darwin Week Challenge #2

  1. Here are the answers:

    Pakicetus & Whale
    Hyracotherium & Horse
    Vieraella & Frog
    Phosphatherium & Elephant
    Megatherium & Sloth

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