The Darwin Week Challenge #1

As a build-up to the Michigan Skeptics Darwin Day party on Saturday, we’re celebrating Darwin Week on our website.  Starting today and through Friday, there will be a series of posts with games, puzzles, riddles, etc.  The first person to provide a correct answer in the comments gets two points. Everyone else that answers correctly gets one point.  At the end of the week, we’ll tally up the points the high scorer(s) will win a prize that’s relevant to our April meet-up.

(*) If your comments don’t show up right away, don’t worry. It’s being held for admin approval.  They will still be queued in chronological order.

Rule: Only one guess per person

For our first post, we’ll start off with something simple.

Multiple Choice: In the comments below, name the modern animal that’s descended from these ancestral fossils.


1) Alligator

2) Ostrich

3) Penguin

4) Turtle

5) Whale

The correct answer will be revealed late tonight!

8 thoughts on “The Darwin Week Challenge #1

  1. The answer is…a penguin. Thanks to Dan Ksepka from March of the Fossil Penguins for giving me permission to use his pictures.

    A neat little factoid. In the second picture, you can see ridges on the fossil bone that give evidence to a penguin’s thermoregulatory system. The ridges are indentations of a sophisticated network of blood vessels. And in my interview with Dan on Critical Wit, he talked about how you can look at the fossil record and see the gradual development of this system that helps penguins maintain their body temperature.

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