The Darwin Week Challenge #4

Quick Plug: The newest episode of Critical Wit features a short interview with Molecular Biologist and Science Communicator, Sean B. Carroll.  We talk about Charles Darwin. The focus of the conversation is on aspects to Darwin that may not be fully understood or appreciated.

Now on to today’s game!

This is the fourth installment of the Darwin Week Challenge!  For guidelines and scoring system, please see Monday’s post – Challenge #1.

(Remember – only one guess per person)

For the fourth challenge, solve this puzzle.

  • When my predecessor killed himself, I replaced him.
  • I was afraid I might follow suit, so I befriended Darwin.
  • We talked about naturalism, and shared scientific outlooks.
  • And then I found religion, and came to abhor his books.

Who am I?

The answer will be revealed later tonight!

6 thoughts on “The Darwin Week Challenge #4

  1. The answer is Robert FitzRoy, captain of the HMS Beagle.

    FitzRoy succeeded the first captain who committed suicide due to what was believed to be depression from loneliness. FitzRoy was advised to find a companion in order to escape a similar fate. And Darwin was to be that companion. Later, FitzRoy became disillusioned with Darwin who’s publications flew in the face of his religious beliefs. He even felt guilty for having helped Darwin come up with his theory. Click here for the whole story:

    • That’s OK, Anne. Just out of curiosity, was there a particular reason why you picked Wallace?

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