Bring James Randi to “The Ann Arbor Science & Skeptics” This Season of Reason

The JREF is sponsoring a donation drive and the top donating skeptic group referred in the donation, will earn a free visit from James Randi himself!

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From the JREF

With the help of local skeptics groups this year, we’ve educated the public about all manner of pseudoscientific scams and quackery, put on a number of local workshops and lectures, facilitated appearances by James Randi and others, and coordinated grassroots campaigns in the name of reason. We have sponsored or helped fund a number of SkeptiCamps. We have provided free educational and outreach materials to dozens of local groups, as well as to teachers and others through new innovative outreach methods, including smartphone apps, classroom curriculum modules, digital publishing, and online podcasts and videos.


As skeptics working at the grassroots, your support and collaboration is especially important to us. We could not accomplish our goals with your your help.


To that end, we would be honored if the members of your skeptical organization could find it in their hearts to step up in this latter half of our Season of Reason and help make sure the JREF will have an even more successful 2012.

And we’re offering a live appearance by our founder, the one and only James Randi, to the group that helps us out the most during the Season of Reason: the group with the largest number of individual donations to the JREF during this end year period. When you donate at this link ( ), you’ll see a space for you to enter the name of your local group.


Just this year, Randi has wowed audiences all over the world with his fascinating and entertaining talks. He’s performed for sold-out crowds in Norway, Spain, Canada, and here in the U.S., always receiving a standing ovation and a huge outpouring of love. Should your group have the largest total number of donors, we will schedule a talk from Randi in your town at a mutually agreed-upon date in early 2012. Randi’s talks have been booked for over $15,000 before, so you see how great an opportunity this is for your group. This is truly an amazing opportunity not only for your existing members, but also for attracting new people in your community to the skeptical fold.


Thank you again for your support. We couldn’t be more excited to work with you in promoting science and reason for years to come. Please take a moment to read some words from Randi himself below.

So if you decide to offer a donation to JREF, please note “Ann Arbor Science & Skeptics” in the appropriate field.  Thanks!