Video: The Skepticism of the Asian Carp Threat

This is a recording of the Ann Arbor Science & Skeptics meet-up on October 8, 2011. This get-together featured a discussion/debate between Dr. Gerald Smith, fish biologist from the University of Michigan and Dr. Michael Murray, scientist from the National Wildlife Federation. [Unfortunately, the closing remarks were cut off – except for a brief response by Dr. Murray]

Dr. Gerald Smith is professor emeritus at the University of Michigan. His work has focused on Great Lakes ecosystems, evolution of freshwater fishes, and he also is curator emeritus at the Exhibit Museum of Natural History. He’s also the author of “Guide to Great Lakes Fishes.”

Dr. Michael Murray is a staff scientist with the National Wildlife Federation. His work has focused on issues regarding the Great Lakes, such as pollution, water quality, climate change, and invasive species. He also lectures at the University of Michigan.