Meet-Up (08/20) – On Empiricism & Skepticism: The Philosophy of David Hume

The Ann Arbor Science & Skeptics are having a meet-up on Saturday, August 20th from 4:00 to 6:00pm at the Classic Cup Cafe. We will be discussing the Scottish philosopher, David Hume, considered to be one of the greatest philosophers of the English Language. Our guest will be Dr. Louis Loeb.  Much of the discussion will focus on Hume’s approach to empiricism and skepticism. This will be an informal Q & A.

Here are some materials that we will likely discuss at the meet-up, that you may wish to reference prior to the meet-up:

  • *A Treatise of Human Nature*, Book I (“Of the Understanding”), especially Parts I, III, and IV.  Audiobook Version [Note: This is a lot of material and can be a little tough going]
  • *An Enquiry concerning the Human Understanding* (aka “The First Enquiry”). – Audiobook Version
  • *Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion* – Audiobook Version

A podcast of this event can be found on the Downloads page under Resources.

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