Interview: Astronomy Professor Ted Bergin on ‘How Earth Got Its Water’

I’ve always found the topic of how Earth obtained its oceans to be interesting.  Not only in the manner in which it is believed to have happened, but exactly how science is able to hypothesize and test it through observation and experimentation.

In episode 36 of Critical Wit podcast, I interviewed University of Michigan professor of astronomy, Edwin (Ted) Bergin, and asked him to explain what the various theories are, and how they are tested.


2 thoughts on “Interview: Astronomy Professor Ted Bergin on ‘How Earth Got Its Water’

  1. The coolest theory in my book is the comet one. There is something really beautiful about the image of a young fiery earth getting bombarded by water-giving comets.

    • Yeah, I agree with you. I’d love for there to be a way, in which we could try and find a solar system that’s forming – and image it through a powerful telescope so that you can watch planetoids (planetisimos?) enduring the bombardment to eventually accrete into worlds.

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