Summary of Arguments by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

In preparation for our meetup on December 17th, that will feature a presentation by a representative of ‘Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth‘, listed is a summary of their arguments for an “Alternative Theory To The World Trade Center’s Destruction”. This will be followed by a detailed summary of questions and counter-arguments.

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth Information Pamphlet – [emphasis is theirs]

 WTC Twin Towers – The destruction of WTC 1 & 2 shows typical features of controlled demolition, characteristic features of the use of high explosives, and evidence of the use of thermite.

  1. The strong steel frames of the lower parts of the buildings would have arrested any collapse. However, the destruction zone not only proceeded symmetrically downwards but even accelerated constantly through what was the path of greatest resistance.
  2. Extremely rapid onset of destruction.
  3. Blast pressure front effects: multi-ton steel sections ejected laterally up to 600ft at 50 mph.
  4. Mid-air pulverization of 90,000 tons of concrete. Large volumes of metal decking and floor trusses were missing. No “pancaked” floors were found.
  5. Massive volumes of rapidly expanding pyroclastic-like clouds.
  6. High velocity ejections also seen up to 40 stories below cascading demolition canopies.
  7. Complete destruction of the buildings, shattering of many structural units.
  8. Evidence for extremely high temperatures (2800°+F) before, during and after the destruction.
  9. Evidence of thermite found in previously molten metal, WTC dust and steel
  10. Sophisticated, energetic nanothermite composite material found in WTC samples.
  11. Over one hundred first responders reported explosions and flashes of light.
  12. No precedent or steel-framed high-rise collapse due to fire.

 The Truth is in the Evidence

  • FDNY and other found several tons of “molten steel,” “flowing like lava” in the piles. 1400°F office fires cannot produce 2800°F molten metal. Thermite incendiaries can.
  • Microspheres formed from molten iron and other elements were found in the WTC dust by USGS, the RJ Lee Group, EPA, and other independent scientists. Thermite reactions can account for the ubiquitous spheres.
  • WTC dust samples contain small chips of highly energetic nanothermite composite materials – uniformly nano-sized, appropriately proportioned, and embedded in an organic matrix that might have gas-generating properties.

WTC Building 7 – A 47 story skyscraper NOT hit by an airplane that was the third tower destroyed on September 11th.

  • The collapse of WTC 7 has all the characteristics of a CONTROLLED DEMOLITION with explosives:
    • The building falls almost straight down in about 7 seconds – and at a free-fall acceleration for 100 feet – confirmed by NIST
    • The overall building mass falls uniformly through what was the path of greatest resistance. This requires a precisely timed, patterned removal of critical columns.
    • The kink in the roofline is characteristic of a demolition timing sequence where the walls are collapsing inward symmetrically.
  • The structure of a large, fireproofed steel-framed building cannot be completely destroyed by LOCALIZED POCKETS OF FIRE nor by “thermal expansion” claimed by NIST.
  • A single, localized failure (a girder unseated – NIST) could not cause the systematic and total FAILURE OF 400 OTHER STRUCTURAL STEEL CONNECTIONS PER SECOND.
  • Numerous incidents and recorded statements reveal FOREKNOWLEDGE. They include a countdown, warnings and announcements from both CNN and the BBC of the “collapse” … before it happened!
    1. Most of the debris ended up in compact pile – centered within the original footprint.
    2. The 47-story steel-framed structure was dismembered and reduced to a small pile only a few stories high – with complete destruction- unmistakable signs of a controlled demolition with explosives.
    3. Extremely high temperatures far above those of normal office fires, persisted for weeks in the pile, as indicated by various sources (e.g. infrared images by MTI, EarthData and NASA).
    4. FEMA documented in Appendix C of its report a “severe high temperature corrosion attack on the steel” – sulfur and liquid iron penetrated into the steel. Office/jet fuel fires cannot account for this. Other research revealed the signature of thermite, which creates molten iron.
    5. FEMA’s May 2002 report concluded that it hypothesis that fire caused the destruction had only “a low probability of occurrence” and that “further investigation and analysis were required”, although by that time, almost all WTC 7 steel had already been removed and destroyed.

For reference, here are a few websites that offer counter-arguments to 9/11 Truth claims: